Proposal allowing golf coaching to instruct players everywhere but greens approved by UIL subcommittee

ROUND ROCK - Thanks to prodding by Texas Association of Golf Coaches president and McKinney Boyd golf coach Jerry Crumpton, the UIL Legislative Council is one step closer to allowing coaches during tournament play to instruct their athletes everywhere on the course, except on greens.

The UIL's athletic subcommittee approved the measure on Sunday; it will need approval from the overall council on Monday.

Here's what current rules allow:

UIL Golf Coaches: (Guidelines for coaching players from green to tee) A coach may engage (coach) with the player(s) once all players in that playing group have completed the hole and prior to the player teeing off on the next hole. At district, regional and state competition, only one coach is allowed to coach that team/individual once play has begun that day for that team or player(s).

UIL assistant athletic director Peter Contreras, the UIL official overseeing golf, said he hoped the change would help speed of play - a major concern at state and regional meets.

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